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CRVIII.com /krate/ is an easy place to find ideas and share interests with people all over the world.  Our City Crates host events for creators and curators and our editors post the best insight on fashion, music, art, film, technology or gaming.

The Team

CEO – Jamal Simmons

Chief Design Officer/Visionary – Isaac Madrid

Chief Technology Officer – Tai Allen

Show Runner – Nadia Garnett

Marketing – Caleb Gauge

Product Development – Micah Hamilton

Developer – Robert Colin

Front End Web Development – Sebastian Siverand

Social Media & Content Curator – Brittany Alfonzo

Intern Number One – Jasmine Bolton

The Board

Danielle Austen
Donald Fowler
Wendy Goldberg
Isaac Madrid
Jamal Simmons


Travis Rundlet


Robert Raben
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For complaints, suggestions or requests please email us at info@CRVIII.com